Laborers’ Care RIDE


It’s planning time for our annual ride, but first let me say another heartfelt thank you for your outstanding support of last years ride.

You again raised a substantial amount of money (150,000.00) for our worthy cause. I want to remind everyone ever dollar raised goes to the members and family’s of LIUNA members.

Let me take this opportunity to announce the ride dates for the 2018 LABORERS C.A.R.E ride, but before I do that I want to say a word about the location. Numerous people have spoken to me about how great the rides were in Pennsylvania and in North Carolina but many express a desire to go HOME…I’m excited to say we are doing just that. This years ride will be back at our original location Camp McCroy in Reliance Tn.

Be the first to register and I look forward to seeing you there.

James C Hale

This charitable fund was created to assist the families of LIUNA members in the Ohio Valley and Southern States Region who have been seriously injured on the job and are unable to work, or in the most unfortunate circumstance, lose their lives while working as Laborers.

Laborers’ CARE offers immediate financial support (up to five thousand dollars) to ensure an individual’s short-term obligations are met, i.e. – the rent is paid, food is in the house, truck/car payments made, and of course the needs of children are met.
It is the goal of Laborers’ CARE to assist Laborers’ families through these most difficult times. To download the Laborers’ Care donation request form. Click here.

Laborers’ CARE relies on the goodwill of individuals through voluntary donations and sponsorship of its annual Great Smoky Mountain Motorcycle Rally event to raise funds to fulfill its mission. Register Here.